Ways to Embrace Mistakes as Life’s Lessons


Mistakes – Ways to Embrace Mistakes as Life’s Lessons

“If you make a mistake, be gentle on yourself and encourage yourself to learn from it, let go and move on”.

Ways to Embrace Mistakes as Life’s Lessons

There are no mistakes in life; only lessons. What this means is that whenever something happens, there is a gem for you to learn from. If you can learn to accept mistakes, shortcomings, and unwanted events as opportunities for learning and personal growth, then you’ll feel less stressed and fearful, you’ll be more confident and self-assured, and your life experience will be more rewarding and fun.

If you do something incorrectly or wrong, or you do something that makes you feel bad, you may get angry with yourself. Most of us have a habit of beating ourselves up mentally over and over again.

The fact is that when you make a mistake, there is a lesson for you to learn. Mistakes are gifts. They offer you the opportunity to explore an area where perhaps you are deficient, need additional knowledge or training, or need to reevaluate your approach. Perhaps you were rushing. Whatever the reason, if you take the time to explore what happened, you can learn what you need to know to correct the situation and to put systems in place so that this same mistake does not recur.

Some people refuse to accept that they did anything wrong. It was someone else or it was the system. This is known as a victim mentality. They rationalize, deny, make excuses, justify, and blame. These people have not yet learned to accept responsibility for themselves and for their actions.
When you do something wrong or something doesn’t quite work out the way you want, there are ways of managing it so that you learn the lesson, move on from it, and grow stronger in the process. By adopting these three approaches to life, you can learn to handle yourself gracefully and deepen your relationships with yourself and with others.

1) Be open to making mistakes
Accept that you’re human and that each of us will do things we regret. Each of us will take a wrong turn, hurt someone’s feelings, or make bad choices. Be open to making mistakes and embrace them as an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons. They hurt sometimes – a lot of the time. But if you open to learning from your mistakes, you will be able to move on rather than wallowing in regret or disappointment. If you don’t learn the lesson, it will repeat itself again and again in different situations until you get it. Experience is a hard teacher.

2) Be aware
In other words, look for areas of improvement. Be on the lookout for “mistakes” or ways to strengthen your character. Be aware of what you are doing, why you are doing it, how you feel, and how you make others feel. This way of thinking is about being proactive and seeking betterment to avoid unnecessary blunders. If you are aware of how your behaviors impact others, then you can determine whether that is enhancing or hurting your relationships.
You are responsible for how you are received by others.

This is a matter of emotional intelligence. You must be aware of the impact your words and actions have on others. Sometimes, your words just don’t land right or you say something but it is not what you meant to say. People have difficulty expressing what they really mean. By being fully aware of how you impact others, you maintain an open state of learning which allows you to constantly practice being a better person – a better you.

3) Accept full responsibility for yourself and your life

Whatever happens, whenever you make a mistake or you are involved in a misunderstanding, take responsibility. There is always something to be learned or improved even if the other person was wrong too.

Accepting responsibility is liberating. Yes, it’s hard to admit you were wrong. But it demonstrates strength, courage, and a commitment to personal excellence. It’s respectful. By doing so, you demonstrate that you care about yourself and the other person.

When you accept full responsibility for yourself, you also accept responsibility for making things right. If something was done poorly, then you can fix it. If something was misunderstood, then focus on building greater understanding in your relationships. When you accept responsibility, you demonstrate the highest level of respect for yourself and others. And you learn to make better choices to avoid problems, mistakes, and misunderstandings in the future.

By being open to learning life’s lessons from every event, situation, and encounter; by maintaining an awareness of how you are received in relationships with others; and by accepting complete responsibility for yourself; you empower yourself to create richer, more meaningful relationships with others. You also will also develop more self-respect and learn to stop beating yourself up over your mistakes; instead taking responsibility, making things right where necessary, and committing yourself to developing greater integrity and a more mature character.

An Open Heart

Corazón de pétalos

An Open Heart
The heart is like a flower – unless it is open it cannot release its fragrance into the world. The fragrance of the heart is made up of the qualities and virtues of our spirit. Most of us have learned how to keep our heart closed in a world that would trample all over us if we let it. Being open hearted today seems to require tremendous courage. It is a courage which comes only when we realize that no one can hurt us, no matter what they say or do. They may hurt our body, but if we have realized we are a spirit, nothing outside can touch us if we so decide. Little by little, practice opening your heart to those you think have hurt you. Realize it wasn’t them that hurt you, it was yourself. And it taught you not to trust and you closed your heart. A closed heart is in need of opening. And when you do, you will have begun to heal yourself.


Honesty & Clarity

pile of five stones

Honesty and Clarity
Honesty does not mean simply speaking your mind. Honesty means to be very clear about everything going on inside you. Where there is honesty, feelings become pure and clean. Honesty is where there are no other thoughts or feelings inside, other than those that God himself would have. Such clarity is reflected in your words; they will be filled with the power of truth, and spoken with ease and without hesitation. The genuine honesty cultivated within you is what will reach out and touch others.


Spiritual Progress




There is a benefit for you in every situation. If that is, you know how to look for it. The idea behind steady spiritual progress is to see every circumstance and situation (particularly those that challenge you) as a tailor-made lesson in your personal plan for self-development.

For example, in a situation where hurtful or angry words were exchanged, why not see it as the chance either to perceive things about your own character which need changing or to rehearse some virtue or quality that you need to put into practice more often?

Actually, we should be grateful for the opportunity to evaluate ourselves. In this way you can transform anything into a constructive lesson. Never think that you’ve learned enough and now can stop. You should love it when people try to correct you or give you advice. It keeps you alert and gives you plenty of opportunity to put your truth into practice. It’s a sign of great danger to be unable to accept criticism and instead use your understanding to criticize others. Realize deeply the significance of every moment, and your spiritual progress will be assured.

Forgiveness A Personal Journey




Seeded within your heart is the language of Spirit that is waiting to be activated and manifested on Earth. The ways of Love are catalyzed through this language. It is Forgiveness. Through words of Forgiveness you activate compassion, understanding, love, and peace to flow from your heart into your body, from you to others. Allow yourself to grow into the life-affirming power of Forgiveness and release yourself from the past.

Forgiveness Meditation

Invite your heart to open to Forgiveness and to receive this dynamic healing power. Breathe deeply and slowly as you mindfully set a heart-felt intention to receive the transformational energies of Forgiveness for yourself, for others, and for the planet. Invite the energies of Forgiveness to flow into the crown of your head and down into your heart. Sit for a few moments and breathe deeply and slowly. Feel your desire for forgiveness to soothe your soul. The more you sit and feel how much you want Forgiveness to fill you, the greater drawing power you have to attract Forgiveness into your being.

Feel your desire for Forgiveness to release any burdens you carry. Invite your body to relax. Invite your body to open to any place where you feel resistance or tightness. Tell your body it is safe to open to Forgiveness. Again, sit and wait. When you are ready, ask for the Forgiveness energy to enter into your being and go where it is most needed. Relax and allow the energy to enter through the crown of your head, into your heart and then allow it to go where your body needs it. Receive, receive, receive. Savor this moment and receive for as long as the energy moves in you. Enjoy your renewal!
A New Look at the Power of Forgiveness

As a spiritual drawing power, Forgiveness opens the door for the flow of grace from Spirit to flow into the heart, mind and body. As grace gently touches those protected and vulnerable places within you, you feel a sense of lightness and playfulness that brings you back to a more innocent place in time. This place is your home where you are united with your Divine Source. Lovingly and gently, each strand of your being is caressed by Forgiveness and the resistance of many layers of turmoil, despair, and isolation melt away. Spirit imprints upon these freed strands the life-affirming energies of peace, harmony, compassion, joy as the vibrations of LOVE attune you to the eternal Presence.

Forgiveness is safe. It is a place where you are protected by your Divine Source as the One who loves you thoroughly, knows you completely, understands you perfectly, and accepts you just as you are so fully. Here you are REAL. You receive the healing you desire and here you are made WHOLE.

Forgiveness is received through trust. When you allow yourself to trust the Inner Source seeded within you, you open the door to receive these bounteous blessings. It is safe to trust, perhaps for the first time, this place within you. Even if you feel it as small or closed-off to you, it is there. You access it by wanting this place to reveal itself to you and then wait to receive a reply.

Still your mind for a moment by focusing on a beautiful thought or picturesque scene and wait.

The Inner Voice will respond. It may take some time, but you will receive what you need. You can practice this technique over and build Forgiveness into your being as you ingest its life currents. Forgiveness flows when your willingness to receive it is at its most sincere and heart-felt. You control the flow of forgiveness by your passion and enthusiasm for it to melt away all of your built-up guilts, shames, resentments, angers and other burdens you have been carrying far too long. In time, all of these burdens will be gone and you will be living a new and freed life.

As life’s journey takes you into new experiences, you will receive many opportunities to practice receiving and giving forgiveness. When you encounter a situation where your “hot buttons” are pushed, simply relax into the “yucky” energy and center yourself in intention to receive Forgiveness. Feel your desire or craving for forgiveness and allow yourself to receive it in your heart. It may time some time to perceive this, yet you are growing forgiveness within you over time the more you practice this. Allow it to build naturally and gracefully through each decision you make to practice receiving and giving forgiveness.

Eventually, you will be able to build forgiveness into your being to the extent that you will immediately respond to all potentially hurtful situations with Forgiveness and thereby become a healing vessel for others as they receive the spiritual balm they need for their upliftment. As each person practices and masters forgiveness, the cumulative efforts of more and more people will significantly alter the way many people respond to hurtful situations and provide more opportunities for healing in greater number of increasingly complex and wide-spread social problems.

The antidote to all of life’s hurtful conditions of poverty, greed, hatred, intolerance, anger, shame, and guilt is Forgiveness. Practice it often and see how much good YOU bring into the world!
Significance of Practicing Forgiveness Daily

Forgiveness is the most powerful healing agent of Love on the planet. It is a spiritual power that we have access to and can have as much as we need, yet living in forgiveness implies that we want to adopt this attitude throughout our day to day existence. Allowing forgiveness to become a daily part of life requires practice. It suggests that you are interested in allowing what another person does or what a life situation offers to be understood and accepted without judgment. It takes time to build forgiving into a natural and effortless response: that you would feel inclined to be forgiving instead of condemning or angry or other negative emotions when confronted with a hurtful situation. It takes time for your body to yield its inner reserves of defensiveness to that of being open and receptive to another person’s negative behavior, without feeling the need to protect yourself. Yet it is entirely possible to practice forgiveness each day until it becomes a habit. Eventually the habit becomes less noticeable and more of an instinctive response.

Forgiveness paints a landscape in your emotions and physical body of non-judgment. Each time you consciously choose to be forgiving in place of condemning or upset, you actively create a link within your body and emotions to receive a higher energy that is capable to filling your being with a sense peace, harmony, and tolerance. Your choosing to be forgiving is what creates the environment both in mind and body to align with and receive the information you need to successfully handle the situation at hand. It does not necessarily mean that you are condoning another person’s behavior, but you are acknowledging that something is out of balance within them and allowing a higher response to enter into the situation that can heal and restore peace and harmony into it. It is these little steps of forgiveness that build healing into life’s situations and eventually help you to respond instinctively with a compassionate, understanding, accepting, and loving manner to any situation that is potentially harmful to all parties. It helps another person to receive love and acceptance, which is a basic core need. Forgiveness needs an opening to integrate the blessings of Spirit into life’s pitfalls. Your conscious consistent choice to be forgiving provides the opening Spirit needs to bring healing into turbulent situations.

Imagine a world where people responded to one another instinctively with acceptance and understanding rather than condemnation or suspicion. How do we move from this dynamic to the healthier one? It is through the power of forgiveness. It is by choosing to be forgiving in place of showing anger or judgment against someone or a particularly painful situation. One small choice at a time allows the habit of forgiveness to be cultivated within building a strong and healthy response mechanism that is in alignment with the ways of Spirit.
Barriers to Forgiveness

Forgiveness is offered in a free flow from Spirit into our hearts and bodies, yet it is at the human end where we block its reception. Feelings of unworthiness, guilt, shame, self-justification, self-righteousness, anger, intolerance, and other powerful negative feelings all create a barrier to being and living in the flow of forgiveness. While you may feel that these feelings need to be there to protect yourself, notice how you feel in your body when you are in the grasp of these negative emotions.

Do you feel resistance? Is there a feeling of diminishment of self or powerlessness? If you notice this, then you are blocked from receiving the flow of forgiveness. What re-establishes the flow into your mind and body? It is simple. It is the desire for forgiveness.

You may simply change your thoughts from those of thinking you are justified in withholding forgiveness to a simple inquiry into the realm of “what can forgiveness do for me to help me overcome my negative feelings?” That alone is enough to start the flow, and the more you recognize that you want and need forgiveness as an antidote for what you are experiencing, the greater will you open the spigot in your mind and body to receive more of what Spirit wishes to give you from your internal Source.

The Spirit Source within you loves you beyond measure, knows you better than you know yourself, and when you are heart-fully open to your Spirit Source, then does the flow of Divine Love move into your body with the spiritual antidotes for your troubles. Forgiveness is the first ray of love to wash away the negative feelings and provide the open space for more spiritual information to inlay in your mind and body. Then comes the information you need to conceptually understand the situation from a higher perspective along with the feelings of understanding, compassion, acceptance and love. This is what brings your body and mind into that restful state of peace and balance that underscores healthy living.

We carry around so much extra weight in our feelings and our bodies because of the powerful emotional toxins of pain and anger. In receiving forgiveness, this giant weight is lifted from us and in place is a lightness that allows joy and peace to enter and grow. It is so healing. And the body weight alleviates as the urging for self-healing grows stronger.

You can live in that place more and more each day as the forgiveness practice becomes a habit. No matter if the issue or situation is petty or extreme, forgiveness is the powerful divine force within you that opens the door for profound and permanent healing to occur: for yourself and others.

It is this simple, but it does require effort on your part as you have the free will choice to accept this or not. But if wallowing in negative feelings makes you feel diminished, depleted, hopeless and despairing, why not give forgiveness a chance and see how it can reverse the situation?
The Body Response to Forgiveness

Our bodies are very receptive to Forgiveness. It is as if our bodies are naturally programmed to receive Forgiveness. Guess what? They are! This is an inherent part of our nature, seeded into us through divine life plans by our Divine Source—our Spirit Parents.

The energies of forgiveness imprint a quality or essence of spiritual information that sparks a biological language in the physical cells. It thereby sets off a chain reaction that stimulates the body’s healing bio-electro-chemical functions. You feel as if the burdens you have held in your body for so long actually melt off you! And it feels so very delicious.

There is a lightness of being that accompanies the release of the burdens. This occurs physically, emotionally, and mentally and brings about greater emotional stability and mental clarity. The healing bioelectrochemicals produced by receiving the Forgiveness energy downloading into your physical cells brings about a feeling of well-being and peacefulness. Added to this comes new insights and ideas, attitudes and awareness of creativity and playfulness.

The emotional component of forgiveness is as significant as the physical part. All burdens can be washed away with Forgiveness when your will and trust are sincerely open.

So what happens in the body?

Forgiveness enters the body like a stream of golden light that has a consistency of honey. It softens the hard layers of resistance in the various places within the joints, tissues and organs where memories are encoded into many patterns. As the softening occurs, bio-electro-chemicals are released and travel up to the brain via the meridian pathways and nerve pathways. In the brain certain healing and restorative neurotransmitters and other cellular communicative transmitters are released and travel back into the affected areas and give healing information to the cells. Some of the healing bio-electro-chemicals act as switches and turn off and/or correct neural receptors; sometimes you just feel peace upon peace with new feeling being stimulated by hormonal receptors. And all of this happens almost instantly.

As Forgiveness is released into the cells, the emotional and mental behavior patterns that cause the cell to decay because the memories they contain are hurtful shifts. Forgiveness expands the hardened decayed cells and breathes more space in between them. New information is then coded into the cells. Some information is physical: it tells the cells what to do to repair themselves; some is emotional: it provides you will feelings of peace and security, for example. You literally feel like you are being blown up with air very gently as Spirit stretches your capacity for more healing. These energy exchanges happen sometimes without human consciousness, yet the body responds to each and every little nuance of forgiveness as it imprints a new language into the cell. The body loves Forgiveness!

The body receives what it needs and it can bring itself back into alignment through its innate self-correcting processes by receiving regular and frequent doses of Forgiveness. The feelings of wanting to be whole, or satisfied are receiving through forgiveness and the resulting effect in the physical body is one of renewal and rebirth.

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