What is a Chakra?





Chakras Explained For Those New To Spirituality


If you’ve found this article, you’ve probably got some questions about Chakras. Perhaps you’ve just heard the word used and are looking for a definition, or maybe you’re looking for a little more in depth information. I’m not going to try to be the be-all end-all guru on Chakras, but we will look at some of the basics, with a little more in depth information thrown in that I feel is useful if you’re interested in studying further or learning how to develop a higher consciousness of yourself, your spiritual life, and the impact you have on the world, as well as the world’s impact on you.


The word Chakra originates in the Sanskrit word cakra, which means wheel, or circle and didn’t gain popularity in English, or even the western world until very recently. Historic mentions of the word Chakra or its plural Chakras didn’t emerge until late in the last century around 1967. It was during that time that westerners began to be exposed to more eastern religions, and began to become aware of spirituality that included the self, rather than being focused on worship of a single deity.


There are seven basic Chakras that are recognized nearly universally, and quite a few more that are not necessarily controversial, but aren’t as widely discussed. For the purposes of this article we’ll look at the seven Chakras that are more widely recognized.


Each of the seven Chakras can be thought of as a spinning energy wheel inside our bodies. They process subtle energy that we may not even be aware of in the physical realm and convert it to chemical, cellular or hormonal shifts within our bodies. The Chakras react to different physical, emotional and spiritual forces at work in our every day world. In order to bring these seven energy centers into harmony, you have to be aware at a physical and at a spiritual level of everything you’re exposing yourself to. The people you interact with, the foods you eat, even the television you watch or the music you listen to can negatively or positively effect your Chakras.


We’ll look at each of the seven Chakras in the order they’re within your body, from top to bottom:


The Crown Chakra:


The Crown Chakra is exactly where its name says: the top of your head, where a crown would sit, were you wearing one, your highness. On the physical level, it supports deep brain functions and most of your bodily functions that you can’t consciously control like your reaction to pain (it hurts!) or your heart beating. If you have reached a state of consciousness where you can turn off pain, or control each beat of your heart, you likely aren’t reading this article.


The Crown Chakra can become out of balance when you lose a sense of connection or relationship with your higher power. That’s right: Chakras aren’t necessarily against your religion, just because they aren’t mentioned in your particular holy texts. This Chakra can also become out of balance or weak if you’re feeling lonely, or are unsatisfied with your career. Symptoms of a weak Crown Chakra are often migraine or tension headaches.


The Third Eye Chakra


This Chakra is right I the middle of your forehead. Right there where you’d have an eye, if you were an ogre, perhaps. (Don’t tell Shrek I said that, Ok?) A weakened Third Eye Chakra can be caused by a loss of sense of purpose, either in your personal, or professional life. Most often, symptoms of an out of whack Third Eye Chakra are headaches that occur towards the temples.


The Throat Chakra


Once again, this Chakra is right where its name says it is (see, this isn’t so difficult after all, is it?) and deals with issues of honesty and communication. Your Throat Chakra can become weak if you have trouble, or more often are afraid of self expression. If your personality is repressed that is, if you aren’t able to be your true self, or you often feel compelled to just go along, even though you don’t really want to, it is likely your Throat Chakra has become out of balance. Physical symptoms of a weak Throat Chakra are sore throats, swollen glands and disorders of the gums and teeth.


The Heart Chakra.


I’m not even going to say it. You know where this Chakra is by now. And, where do you think we get expressions like “heartbroken” from? Its from the Heart Chakra, which can become weak when you’re feeling unloved, are struggling with self-acceptance or are simply experiencing bad relationships, professional, platonic, familial and romantic. Most often, a weakened Heart Chakra manifests itself as chest pain, asthma or circulatory problems.


The Solar Plexus Chakra.


For those of you who don’t know, your solar plexus is directly behind your belly, along your spine. Now, the Solar Plexus Chakra becomes unbalanced if you’re experiencing issues controlling yourself. If you lack self control, or if you’re struggling with your self esteem, you’ve likely knocked your Solar Plexus Chakra out of balance. Most often, this Chakra being weak manifests as stomach pains and upset stomachs.


The Sacral Chakra


The “Fun” Chakra, the Sacral Chakra deals with self image issues and sex. Like I said, the fun Chakra. This Chakra is located, quite honestly in our hips and our genitals. A weakened or out of balance Sacral Chakra is caused by body image issues, and from poor or painful sexual experiences. If you have trouble opening up to someone in a relationship, you most likely have an out of kilter Sacral Chakra.


The one significant symptom of a weak Sacral Chakra is a lack of sexual desire, or even a self doubt as to your sexual appeal.


The Root Chakra


Dealing with money and our sense of security and belonging, the Root Chakra can become weak if you see money as the solution to your well being. If you totally depend on circumstances beyond your control for your sense of belonging or of self worth, you will most definitely knock your Root Chakra severely out of balance. Symptoms of an unbalanced Root Chakra are often eating disorders, unexplained leg pains and immune system disorders.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our little journey into the beginning of your Chakras, and I hope that you’ll keep coming back to learn more about your own spirituality, and how you can effectively change your perception of the world, and the world’s perception of you!


Author: Global Psychics Online Inc.

Global Psychics Online Inc. was created to bring to you World Class psychic readings and tarot readings from highly recommended and truly gifted caring and compassionate psychics blessed with remarkable abilities to read into past and present events guiding and advising how your life can really change for the better.

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